Three ‘Fad’ Technologies That Are Taking Over the World

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As in any other type of business, the technology sector has seen a number of fads come and go. Penny arcades, pocket computers, VR headsets: all of these things were fads that, despite having inspired newer, more successful technologies, eventually went the way of the dinosaur.

Having said that, there are a number of modern technologies, everything from telephony service providers to social platforms, that were called fads not too long ago. However, they are now among the most powerful forces in all of technology.

Three ‘Fad’ Technologies That Rule the World

  1. Voice over IP Services
  2. Much like the internet itself, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services were widely regarded as a fad technology. However, years later, hosted VoIP solutions have become synonymous with high-end business communication technologies. As Tech Target writes, Voice over IP services have proven to be powerful, affordable, and efficient communications tools. As time goes forward, all analysts estimate that Voice over IP services will only become more popular.

  3. Cloud Computing
  4. As with Voice over IP services, cloud computing technology was widely regarded as a flash in the pan. Fast-forward five years, and cloud computing has become one of the most important technologies to consumers and business owners alike. Take Netflix, for example: the streaming video service, firmly rooted in cloud computing technologies, pulls in more than $4 billion in revenue annually, according to As more and more companies realize the value of harnessing the cloud, estimates that the industry will see exponential growth through 2017, when global spending on cloud services will eclipse $320 billion.

  5. Social Media Platforms
  6. Of all the so-called “fad” technologies on this list, social media is, perhaps, the most surprising success. After the failure of MySpace, insiders weren’t sure that social media would ever be a mainstream technology again. However, as statistics from Statistic Brain show, more than two-billion people regularly use Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms; that’s almost as many people as there are online. Like hosted VoIP services and cloud computing firms, it’s unlikely that social media is going anywhere but up.

    What are some of your favorite fad technologies, and which ones do you think will stand the test of time? Let us know in the comments below. To see more, read this:

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