When Technology and Business Make a Great Collaboration

Meetings in the business world of today are heavily reliant of the fastest, most accurate and most reliable forms of technology. Information, technical documents, downloads…all these necessities are supported by the Cisco provisioning manager.

Whether large or small, businesses require the availability of good communications systems. In fact, 76% of small and medium sized-businesses showed interest in purchasing a UC (unified communications) solution recently, according to a Software Advice research report.

Often, business meetings are conducted via remote access. The Cisco provisioning manager is operative on this level, as are cisco call manager tools and a cisco chatbox. For maximum effectiveness, Cisco provisioning tools are operated by admins who have authority to conduct the system.

What sets a Cisco provisioning manager apart from other systems? First and foremost, it is designed to provide roles with two, not just one dimensions. This is regardless of whether the user is subscribing to the service or using the system. Leading to collaboration and increased communication, the Cisco provisioning manager enables the traditional business meeting to propel into another realm of collaboration and productivity.

And isn’t that really the ultimate objective of the business meeting? And as Americans, we go to a lot of meetings–on the average, 11 million every day. And every month, the average employee attends about 62 meetings. In these meetings, it seems like everyone is multitasking–and they really are. 70% of employees have reported that they do other things in meetings besides paying attention to the topic and the presentation.

No wonder that 71% of senior managers call their meetings unproductive and inefficient, according to a study by Steven Rogelberg of the University of North Carolina. Let’s face it: who wants to sit in a stuffy office, where there are no dynamics, when there is a whole, vibrant world out there filled with opportunities, ideas and just waiting to be realized.

This is where the Cisco provisioning manager, along with ancillaries such as Cisco broadsoft, Cisco provisioning tools and Cisco call manager tools all come in to create a more exciting, efficient and effective business meeting experience.

So, if you are in the business world and your responsibilities include business meetings and presentations, ask yourself this question: do you want to be the one making a video presentation that experiences “technical difficulties”? The answer would probably be no, since six minutes lost to fixing a glitch adds up to a wasted hour when ten employees are involved. Most likely the better choice would be excellence, and that starts with the Cisco provisioning manager.

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