The Far Reaches of Filter Press Cloths

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Filter press cloths are a type of textile that has far reaching capabilities that few people outside of the industry are aware of. Used in food preparation, mining, environmental, chemical, and the pharmaceutical industry, filter press cloths are one option for industrial filtration solutions because of how easy they are to install and switch out when the time comes.

One type of filter press cloths used in food preparation are the special filters for beer filtration. Not just any filter will do; the filter should be between one and four microns so as to preserve flavor without allowing an excess of yeast into the beer.

Filter cloths are made from synthetic fibers, sometimes with special coatings. These are commonly used in chemical or pharmaceutical labs to filter liquids from solids, and for other delicate operations. You do not want the solution to become contaminated from the filters used.

Filter cloths are commonly used in residential homes in HVAC systems and even in vacuum cleaners. HEPA filters (High Efficiency Particulate Air) are preferred for homes with individuals that are sensitive to allergens in the air. The elderly, young children, and those unfortunate enough to be plagued with year round allergies may consider installing HEPA filters. Filter press cloths qualifying as a true HEPA filter must filter out 99.7% of dust particles with a micron of 0.3.

The U.S. filter industry is currently worth 12.4 billion, and is actually growing at a rate of 3.6% annually. It is estimated that it will be worth 14.8 billion by 2018. It is certainly an industry that is worth watching because of its relevancy to so many different areas.

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