Cables That Changed Life — USB Cables

Cell phone cables

We all use USB cables. Whether it is to charge our phone via computer or adapted electrical outlet plug or to transfer pictures from a digital camera or plug a mouse into a computer or laptop or do pretty much anything in between, we?ve all had experiences with these nifty little cables. Here?s some perks about the cables.

The USB Replaced Made Life Easier

Do you remember hooking up a new desktop computer? The large clunky connectors with screws on either side that were color coded to the various ports in the back of the monitor or computer itself seem almost a lifetime away. Now, everything is replaced with a USB cable — something that?s much easier to handle. Let?s not forget about the micro USB cable that has made charging cell phones so much easier. Instead of scrounging through your cell phone accessories drawer to find the right charging cable, you can eliminate that clutter. Since most smart phones last only two years now, you?ll have only a few micro USB cables for your various electronics as opposed to a dozen miscellaneous chargers that you don’t remember ever using.

They?re Easy to Replace

Chargers and cables seem to magically break very often (How do they do that? Gremlins? Mythical Beasts?). These frayed and broken cables were the cause of over 50,000 house fires, 500 deaths, over 1,400 injuries, and $1.4 billion in property damage in 2008 alone — that number has most likely increased with the increase of technology in everyone’s daily lives. Knowing that, be sure you replace broken, frayed, or damaged cables as soon as possible. The awesome thing about USB cables is that they are super easy to find and replace. You can head down to any gas station, convenience store, or grocery store to find them. Since the length doesn?t affect the way the cable works, you can go with anything that fits in the space you need — no special cables needed. To protect yourself, your family, and your electronics further, you can use a surge protector with all of your electronics.

The introduction of the USB 2.0 cable simplified life, but the USB 3 cable made life even faster. No one ever thought this cable would become such a staple to everyday life for those connected to technology — finally, no more rummaging around in your drawer of cell phone cables! I wonder what they?ll think of next.

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