From Business Cards to Banners, Print Advertising Works

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Even though print seems to be overtaken by digital and online media, it retains a special place in people’s hearts and minds. And if offers some forms of convenience that have not changed over time. Most business owners feel that a successful marketing strategy includes both digital and print media. A full service print company can help you produce all the promotional materials you need for your business.

But isn’t the world completely digital now?

The answer to that question is, no, not entirely. Print media still has an impact. In many forms, such as logos, diaries and calendars, it can remind consumers about your business and services over a long period of time. In fact a survey found that 84% of Americans remember a company’s name if they see its logo on promotional gifts they have received.

And people not only continue to check for mail, they look forward to it. As many as 62% of Americans and 63% of Canadians say that they enjoy checking for mail. And 73% of Ameican consumers and 67% of Canadian consumers say that they prefer direct mail, because they can read the information in these brand communications at a convenient time.

What print services do you need?

If you’re a business owner, you know that it helps to have a reliable print company in your business neighborhood, one that can meet your needs for all kinds of printing jobs. And if they offer rush printing services, so much the better.

From business cards to outdoor banners, a print company can help you get your company’s name out there. Outdoor advertising is often neglected, but it is a cost-effective way to gain visibility. It is 80% less expensive than advertising on television, and costs 60% less than newspaper ads. It is even 50% less expensive than radio advertisements.

For all your printing jobs big and small
, your friendly neighborhood print company can help you and your business stand out.

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