Can Pay Per Click Advertising Help Your Business?

Pay per click search engine advertising

In the new and exciting world of Internet marketing and advertising, terms like pay per click marketing, SEO, Google Adwords, float around causing much confusion. In very simple terms, they refer to ways and strategies to make online advertising and marketing more effective, and to ways to measure its effectiveness.

The vast arsenal of Internet technology makes these operations simple enough for the experts. But if you are a main street businesses, agency, e-commerce website or non-profit seeking the best returns for your advertising dollars, it may be a good idea to opt for professional ppc management.

The world shops on the internet

The Internet has changed the way people shop. Mashable reports that adults in the U.S. spend around 11 hours each day on digital media. Researchers found that 93% of all online experiences begin with an online search, conducted through search engines like Google and Bing. Even when people intend to shop in stores, they will first research products and prices online. As many as 68% of Internet users in the U.S. followed this method in the past holiday season.

Understanding how pay per click works

Pay per click or PPC ads are placed on websites containing keywords relevant to the business being advertised. Revenues are paid by the advertiser to the website owner each time an ad is clicked. While this seems simple enough, the results for advertisers are little short of amazing. PPC ads can produce return of 300% or more on advertising outlay.

Advertisers and business owners are banning to recognize this and invest more and more of their advertising budget in pay per click marketing. As many as 85% of the retailers surveyed said that search marketing strategies like PPC and SEO were the most effective customer acquisition tactics. And 19% of brand marketers planned to increase their investment in paid search next year by a significant amount.

The world of Internet marketing is a highly confusing one and for most businesses, hiring PPC experts to manage your online advertising might be the best choice.

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