Solving The Mystery That Is The Cloud

Cloud security and compliance

In a world increasingly dependent on technology, many businesses — both small and large — end up holding a lot of valuable data. Data — information stored in computer systems — can including everything from inventory to pay schedules and even highly important company secrets. As such, it’s extremely important that all data is stored properly. In the old days, this often meant that a company would end up storing a lot of data on both computers and devices outside of computers. These methods were, however, impermanent and often needed back-ups. All of that changed when the cloud entered existence.

What Is The Cloud?

“The cloud” isn’t actually one device, but an entire system of storage. Based on the Internet, the cloud is a way of storing data that utilizes all the ways that computers and devices can share information between one another. It’s been estimated that about 35% of all IT services utilize the cloud today, and many professional IT services use cloud consultants to set up their individual “clouds” and cloud usage. The fact is that as simple as it may seem initially, the cloud becomes more complicated as time goes by and the amount of information stored builds. A cloud brokerage service, along with cloud consultants, can act as the bridge between your company and the cloud. Consider it, in many ways, an extra level of insurance.

Why Use Cloud Brokerage Services?

Cloud communications are not only complicated, but if improperly managed, dangerous. Although there are many advantages to using the cloud — and in fact cloud usage is all but mandatory for some companies–there can be drawbacks that include the risk of information being leaked. Security breaches can also occur if your information isn’t protected in the cloud. Cloud services brokers and cloud consultants will give you that security. They can also help ensure that your company and its employees use the cloud correctly. A total of 80% of organization have special policies for cloud use and governance, and a cloud consultant can assist in creating such policies. They can also help you learn to use the cloud in the most efficient way possible, cutting down on wasted time and resources.

Why Use The Cloud?

Even if you can use the cloud, why use it? The fact is that the cloud is being used by many companies today, with 60% of companies using the public cloud, 57% using the private cloud, and 12% using hybrid cloud services. The fact of the matter is that cloud services are so widely used that if your company doesn’t use them, it’s potentially missing out on clients, partners, and opportunities in general. Furthermore, the cloud system is much more efficient than any other data storage system. It simplifies everything, and makes storing what you need simpler than ever.

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