Cyber Crime Robbing in the 21st Century

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Over the past few years, cyber security has received more attention as stories of major breaches of security of private and government data alike have surfaced, raising serious concerns about the state of cyber security in the United States. From Sony Pictures to J.P. Morgan to the United States Central Command, organizations across the country have had their private data or social networking handles breaches, resulting in considerable losses of data among other cyber crimes. The federal government, for example, has experienced a 680% increase in cyber theft since 2009. Cyber crime itself costs the entire world an estimated $100 billion in damages every year.

Cyber crime has become so pressing, in fact, that in 2012 the director of the FBI, Robert Mueller, said that cyber crime “will be the number one threat to the country” in the years to come, becoming more urgent than the current threat of terrorism. If the director of the FBI feels as though cyber crime stands to become more dangerous than, say, al-Qaeda, there is certainly cause for concern.

Director Mueller’s statements should provide more than enough incentive to acquire proper IT management and secure computer services. Effective IT support and network repair systems are the most readily available means of resistance to cyber crime. With massive breaches of data not just possible but occurring over and over again, businesses across the country (and, for that matter, the entire world) should take steps to improve their basic cyber security protocols. Not only will this benefit the company, it will benefit the customers who entrust their sensitive data to these companies in question. When Target’s data was breached last year, for example, millions of customer information were stolen and vulnerable for exploitation. Companies that do not want to undergo what Target went through would be wise to set up effective IT management services.

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