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Proposal pricing software

Anyone who deals with request for proposals (RFPs) for a living knows just how challenging it can be to get the solicitor’s attention. Whether the RFP is government or private, winning a bidding war can be long, strenuous, and nerve-racking for all of those involved. After all, a RFP often requires a daunting amount of paperwork: quotas, inventories, business models, business letters, contracts, marketing information, collateral information, tax information, employee and company history, etc. Collecting and presenting this documentation is a serious process, and even after it is done, there is no guarantee the response to a RFP will even be noticed.

However, with proposal management software, bidding on government contracts and others has never been easier. It is still a difficult process, of course, but with proposal pricing software (as it is also known), gathering all the necessary materials is more than manageable. Proposal software will automatically store and organize the required documents once submitted into the system. They have the ability to share those documents with collaborators. They also can detect duplicate or inadequate material will before the response is due. Most of all, proposal management software can present it all in a professional and attractive manner that will be sure to grab the attention of the solicitor. A winning response to a RFP outlines in clear but detailed language what the contractor will offer, how they will accomplish the project through both short- and long-term stages, and how they differ from the several other contractors bidding for the same job.

Every kind of contracting business, from a small, local construction company to a multinational research corporation, can (and do) benefit from proposal management software. There are plenty of great contractors out there but there are fewer RFPs laying in wait.

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