4 Reasons Your Company Should Outsource IT

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Mark was really tired of being his company’s point person for fixing information technology (IT) problems. He was just supposed to be the accountant, but each time someone had an issue with their computer or the copying machine or their telephone, it was Mark who got the call. After one too many late nights in the office finishing up his actual work because he had spent the afternoon dealing with someone else’s IT problems, he decided he needed to push for some changes at the company and suggest using IT consulting services to take over these duties. In addition to just filling Mark’s old role as IT “fixer,” an IT consulting firm could also help make sure the company was aware of the best IT options for them. Knowing his boss would want as much information as possible, Mark prepared this list of reasons they needed an IT solutions company.
1) Up the Company’s IT Game While Mark may be able to fix a jammed copier, he could not help to upgrade the overall IT system at the company. As the business continued to grow and do more and more business on the computer, they really needed to consider moving to a managed server hosting. Managed server hosting would allow them to have an IT consulting company to manage all the space they would need to store and do their work. This would increase their ability to protect their information, and would allow them to be poised for new advances.
2) Consider Cloud Computing Along with being able to use managed server hosting, working with an IT consultant would also be able to help the company switch over to cloud computing. There were so many times their business had to figure out what files to delete or worried about something physically breaking their hard drive. Cloud computing seemed like the way to go.
3) Maximize Employee Efficiency Using an IT service would allow their company to maintain a high level of control and responsiveness over their IT concerns, but would stop draining employee time or require them to increase payroll expenses. Plus, outsourcing IT work was increasingly popular and many companies choose to outsource all of their IT work to an outside company for similar reasons it was the right move for Mark’s company.
4) Back It Up Just like security and safety were important things that their customers looked for, having those qualities in an IT strategy were a must. Using an outsourced company would allow them to store everything they needed in a secure way through managed serving hosting or other methods. This would be a big improvement to their current strategy.
Armed with this important information, Mark made the ask of his boss to consider outsourcing their IT needs. Much to his delight, management had already been discussing this and having Mark’s encouragement was exactly what they needed to move forward!

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