Why Haven’t You Made the Switch to a Cloud Server Solution Yet?

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Your business and your customers rely on your IT infrastructure. For your business, having a well-built and maintained IT infrastructure is the key to offering your customers a reliable, constantly available eCommerce website. In turn, your website can crack the $262.3 billion nut that is American eCommerce, according to Forbes.

In truth, having a readily available website is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to your company’s information technology needs. As any CIO can tell you, finding server hosting companies that can provide your business with safe, reliable, and affordable IT infrastructure services should be a real priority. That’s why 80% of all CIO’s, according to the Aberdeen Group, outsource at least some of their IT needs to server hosting companies specializing in cloud-based hosting solutions.

Cloud Computing Growth in 2014
According to statistics from Forbes, American businesses will increase spending on cloud computing to $13 billion in 2014. By 2015, end-users are expected to spend a whopping $180 billion on cloud services. What’s behind this meteoric rise in the usage of cloud server hosting companies? See for yourself.

Why Are Cloud Hosting Solutions So Popular

  • Pay for What You Use Pricing
  • As About.com points out, cloud computing solutions are far more affordable than relying on an in-house IT team or outsourcing to physical IT server hosting companies. While most firms will ask for a $50 minimum monthly fee, your costs after that are completely dependent on how much data you use. This is a huge improvement over using dedicated server solutions of the past, server options that ran your business anywhere from $100 to $1,000 a month, regardless of what you actually used.

  • Improved Security and Privacy
  • With cybercrime becoming an ever more serious threat, businesses have to take steps to improve their data security and privacy. Although there is a common misconception that making the switch to the cloud somehow damages your company’s security abilities, recent statistics from Microsoft prove that idea false. 94% of businesses say their security has improved since making the switch to the cloud.

  • Server Solutions That Scale with Your Business
  • One of the biggest benefits of using cloud services is the ease with which you can scale your IT solutions to match your growing business needs. Consider, when you do all of your IT in-house, you have to buy more storage, better processors, and more RAM as your computing needs grow. As written on About.com’s Web Hosting, however, when you use a cloud computing solution, you need only request access to more data storage, CPU power, and memory. It’s as simple as flipping a switch to give you what you need.

If you’re like every other business owner looking for a way to improve your IT infrastructure, start looking for server hosting companies offering cloud services. What more could you want besides cheaper service, improved security, and scalable functionality? Find out more at this site.

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