What You Need to Know About Edge Data Centers

There is no universal definition for EDGE data centers. However, this term is usually used to refer to newer smaller facilities located close to the population. Data centers that are seven years and older are considered out of date when it comes to Green Computing norms. However, in practice, the general life of a data center is said to be 9 years.

EDGE data facilities are used to deliver cloud computing resources and supply cached content to end-users. Each EDGE data center usually links to multiple, multiple data centers. The purpose of these data centers is to reduce latency and enhance the customer experience.

How Do They Work?

An EDGE data center works as a hub through which many clients in a single network can request data from a different network. In simpler terms, EDGE data centers connect clients to an origin server enabling faster delivery of resources. This greatly reduces the amount of time needed for resources to load. You must note, however, that EDGE data centers do not eliminate the need for an origin server. Their job is to do all the heavy lifting and enable users to enjoy more efficient service.

What are EDGE Data Centers Used For?

EDGE data centers are used for several purposes. There are many processes and services that rely on super fast computing, and some of them include the following:

Internet of Things

This is an area of technology that is at the top of all the services that make use of EDGE data centers. IoT devices usually require very low latency and strong connections. It can be difficult to operate these devices when linking to prefab data center modules that are far away.

Playing Online Content

While buffering used to be normal a few years ago, all that has changed. People nowadays expect content to be delivered as soon as the client. This can be a video, song, or whatever resource they want to access. Unlike prefab data center modules, EDGE data centers can help to remove delays for users and make computing faster.

AI Vehicles

Self-driving vehicles need lightning-fast communication with data centers to ensure that they keep up with maps and traffic conditions. Any delay can lead to accidents when operating a self-driving vehicle.

Artificial Intelligence

This is another area of technology that is advancing at a fast rate. For an AI system to be efficient and responsive, it needs to access data at a fast rate, process it, and communicate with the end-user in real-time. This can be difficult to achieve with prefab data center modules. That is where the EDGE data centers come in. Due to their proximity to populations, they can deliver data at a faster rate and allow AI systems to function efficiently.

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