Understanding VoIP

Are you looking for a phone solution that removes all the messy cables of a traditional landline? Are you looking to decrease or perhaps even eliminate your phone bill? VoIP is a new type of phone system that uses the Internet. A voice hosting service works by routing the call through your network. If you already pay for internet at your home or business, then you’re all set! A voice hosting service can take care of the rest of the details for you and set up things like call-forwarding which is usually part of the basic package.

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You will save a lot of money and will only need to contact the service for any technical issues you run into, a much better experience than trying to talk to a real person at a phone provider company.

The video will show you exactly how VoIP works. When you talk during a call, your voice is recorded and played back at the other end, and this takes place over the internet. It is important to understand this because this is the direction that phone calls are going. It is so much cheaper and convenient, meaning more and more people are going to make the switch.


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