Want More Clicks and More Sales? Take a Look at Your Website

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Have you been looking to revamp your website to attract new customers and retain your current customer base? Are you looking for website solutions that will really bring you results? Cast an eye towards changing up your website design and content. Using SEO loaded content, hiring a good website designer and developer, and making your content streamlined and simple to access and use can go a long way towards solving your website blues. Your website solutions may be easier to figure out than you had initially expected and will make finding your products and services much easier, increasing customer satisfaction all around. A sleek and modern website may also garner the attention of news customers and if your website is easy to navigate, they’ll hopefully stick around and avail themselves of your services or products.
What Does the Internet Want To See?
Think about the last time you logged on the Internet and didn’t head straight to social media. Chances were that you were looking for a particular fact, search, or product. You probably didn’t want to waste a lot of time looking for the most direct result and wanted an easy and clear answer right away. That’s precisely what people are looking for on the Internet. If your website can give them all the information they need in an efficient fashion, they’ll probably return. Indeed, around 40% of people will go to another website if it takes longer than three seconds to load content.
Bulleted lists that make content easy to read (or skim) are also favored — around 70% of people would read a bulleted list and only a little over half would read a non-bulleted list.
A professional looking website that’s easy to navigate also goes a long way. Stanford conducted web credibility research which showed that three-quarters of users judged a company’s credibility based on how their website design looked. According to Inspired Magazine, viewers give a website about ten seconds to make a first impression (whether positive or negative) and let them know what information they’ll glean from your website.
What Other Website Solutions Can I Look At?
Look At Custom Web Development or Hiring Web Design Companies
A custom web development team is going to have research on the latest trends and what consumers are looking for. For example, over 60% of Fortune 500 websites have content above the fold and high quality images that users can connect with and 50% have a scrolling content window. Obviously these are successful companies who run successful websites and so a web development team might be able to take data from these studies and apply it to your website.
Furthermore, over 60% of companies are predicting that they’ll spend more on customer experience in 2014 as opposed in 2013. These decision makers say that they think the importance of the customer experience has gone up; 90% say that they believe a good experience by the consumer is crucial to how successful they are.
Think About Making Your Website Mobile Compatible
More and more people are using their smartphones to buy goods and services. Four out of five consumers use their phones to shop, in fact, and just under 35% of web users go online using primarily their phones. Around 70% of searches done on phones lead to some kind of action within just an hour! The 60% of companies who had a mobile compatible website saw an increase in sales.
And for the consumers who have been frustrated by a non-compatible website — well, they’ve gone elsewhere with their business. Surprisingly at least half of mobile users have had a frustrating experience and not returned to that website. You don’t want to be one of those websites! Without a mobile compatible website, you could be losing customers and not even realizing it!
If you’re seeking website solutions, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve and seek the help of professionals who can bring your website to the next level. Engage in social media, update your website’s look, add more content regularly, and you may be surprised at how your sales grow!

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