These 3 Tips Will Help You Fight Identity Theft

courier services companyIdentity theft is a serious issue across the globe. Although today’s technology is more advanced than ever before, criminals are also using innovative new tools and more conventional methods to steal valuable information. It’s up to you to do everything in your power to prevent this crime from happening to you and your customers.

If you regularly deal with sensitive information, here are a few tips that might help prevent identity theft.

Consult With a Courier Services Company

Despite the advent of all this newfangled technology, wholly 90% of all identity thefts still start with information gained from print sources rather than digital ones. Because of this, working with a courier services company that can also offer reliable document shredding services is essential in identity theft prevention. If you are not careful and don’t dispose of all your important documents, these criminals can easily access them and begin the identity theft process.

When criminals steal your identity, it’s a major inconvenience. When they steal your customers’ information, it’s a crisis that could sink your business.

Repeatedly Change Your Online PIN Numbers and Passwords

Although the majority of identity theft cases happen via physical documentation, criminal activity is happening more and more in the digital world. Make sure that you’re using passwords that are difficult to decode on all of your accounts and periodically changing them. Having your phone number or birthday as your PIN number is just not going to cut it anymore. These online hackers aren’t dumb, and they will easily steal your identity if your passwords aren’t secure enough.

If you need assistance coming up with your own password, you can use an online program that randomly generates passwords and PINs that you can subsequently save. These randomly generated codes are virtually impossible for hackers to acquire as long as you’re careful.

Be on the Lookout for Scams

Criminals use any kind of scam they can think of to steal identities. The hackers who brought down the Democratic National Convention during the election used a simple phishing email to steal data, nothing particularly high tech.

Whether it’s digital email phishing scams, phone call scams, or physically showing up at a person’s home and posing as someone they’re not, these criminals will do anything to acquire personal information and use it maliciously. Be vigilant both online and offline when dealing with anyone who might come off as questionable.

Don’t become a victim of identify theft and add more stress in your life, fight back against these criminals. If you want to speak with a courier services company and learn more about secure document shredding, contact today.

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