The Top Three Web Advertising Tools Available to Help Your Business Thrive

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Whether you are using pay per click web advertising or paying based on the number of unique viewers, you want to be sure that your advertisements are as effective as possible. Pay per click web advertising is a powerful tool, but it is not by any means the most effective one available. Here are three new tools you can use to reach out to new customers:

1. Facebook

Facebook is a great resource to reach out to new customers. Almost four out of five B2C companies have found customers on Facebook, for example. People list their interests and hobbies on Facebook which makes it extraordinarily easy to identify those who might be interested in your product or services! There’s no need to send out an ad here that doesn’t have a very good chance of succeeding.

2. Twitter

Twitter is much like Facebook in that it is easy to find people’s interests based on what they share on the site. It also operates as a sort of self propagating advertisement; if someone likes something you post, they just might share it with everyone in their social network! Just responding to what potential customers tweet to you can earn you those retweets; more than half of companies completely ignore tweets sent to them, so taking an interest can set you apart from the crowd.

3. SEO Marketing

One last way to find new customers on the web is just with the design of your website. By consulting with reputable search engine optimization agencies, you can learn how to create a good logo design, what keywords to use, what sort of content to put on the web, and what phrasings to use to show up higher on Google searches. All of this works together to find you new customers without even trying. What will you do to find new customers? Refernce materials.

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