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Cell phones for remote construction sites

It’s too bad mobile communication towers weren’t around during Louis and Clark’s expedition. How did they manage without Siri guiding the way?

It’s hard to imagine life before the advent of smart phones and mobile devices such as tablets, seeing as they have become integral parts of our lives and culture, however, the Earth was still spinning long before these things came into existence.

These earliest satellite communication system was used in 1915 to place a long distance phone call. Since that time, it’s almost unnerving to see how quickly mobile communication basics have advanced since that time. In fact, wireless and mobile communication has completely revolutionized the way we do business.

Communications construction has seen a recent boom over the course of the last decade as more and more mobile communication towers are being erected in order to keep those living and working in remote areas connected. The construction of these towers is essential for oil and construction industries.

Additionally, the methods used for communications construction has changed. Many cities and townships require mobile communication towers to be disguised as building or tree in order blend in with the aesthetics and architecture of the town.

As we progress further into the 21st century, it’s interesting to see how the application of mobile communication systems will adapt and change as our demands and needs as a society do as well. However, communications construction will continue as long as we have the need to stay connected.

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