The Home Theater System Reins Supreme Tips For Enhancing Your Next Netflix Binge Watching Session

There’s nothing quite like having the ultimate home entertainment center.

You can skip going to the movies and save on popcorn because your flat-screen and couch is more than comfortable enough. You have plenty of opportunities to entertain guests once the usual catch-up conversation starts drying up. One way or another, a well-maintained home theater will always cheer you up. It’s getting it to that coveted shiny state that’s the hard work. If you’re wondering how you could be stepping up your commercial audio visual game, consider looking below.

There are simple and efficient ways of making your home theater a more powerful experience.

More People Today Want A High-Quality Home Theater

Look at any area of the home that’s seeing more renovations and it’s not at all surprising the home theater regularly hits the top spot. By the time 2016 rolled around just over 20% of American households owned a compact video system. The same survey also saw 40% of households having a home theater system and surround sound installed. What is it about the home theater that transcends so many age groups and demographics?

It’s Hard To Beat The Privacy Of Your Own Home

When it comes down to it…there’s nothing quite like the privacy of your own home. You don’t have to worry about sitting down on a sticky seat or listen to people talking on their phones while you enjoy a movie. A recent survey asked American homeowners what they thought about this shift, finding nearly 55% of respondents stating they preferred to watch movies at home than at a theater. If you’re one of them, a commercial AV system can completely change the way you look at your favorite hobby. You might even fall in love with it all over again.

People Who Love Movies And Shows Should Upgrade

Fans of Netflix and Hulu, listen up. Your viewing experience shouldn’t be delegated to grainy video quality. It also shouldn’t have you forcing yourself to lean in to hear better. Over 50% of Americans today use subscription video-on-demand services to supplement their workweek, though only some of them are improving their smart home automation. A single shift in your technology can transform your experience and have you enjoying things you didn’t even think of before.

Gamers Also Benefit From A Smart Home System

Are you also an avid gamer? You can set up your home theater system to be conducive to several of your favorite media-related hobbies, up to and including those long, late-night gaming sessions. A recent study found over 10% of Internet users around the world already use smart home technology. In the United States there are four and a half million smart homes, a number that’s growing all the time. How can you get started with a cohesive, high-quality home theater system?

Where To Start Improving Your Home Theater Design

Getting started with custom home theater systems means pinpointing what, exactly, you want out of the package. The commercial AV market has been garnered by the industry’s largest firms, moving at an impressive pace of $700 million from a 2017 study. A smart home automation means your entire system will work cohesively, with no frustrating conflicts or glitches to be found. Your audio visual experience will be enhanced and, most of all, flexible. Anything less just isn’t worth your time.

Home theater systems hold a special place in our heart. Upgrade yours with an AV automation installation.

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