Spruce Up Your Office with These Electronic Accessories

Although you may believe otherwise, modern technology is being embraced by today’s churches. In fact, Twitter is used by 77.32% of churches, and a whopping 98.97% of them are on Facebook. The Clergy Journal reports that one out of every three churches is currently including video clips as a part of their church services. More than one-third of churches also use tools like PowerPoint to present slides. Consider installing the following electronic accessories in your church, school or business to keep your electrical components protected and out of view.

1. Wall Plates.

If your office is cluttered with far too many visible wires and cables, a recessed cable wall plate (also called a pass-through wall plate) is your solution. These are designed to enable cables to pass through without the need for plates with connectors. The result is a well- organized, polished appearance and AV signals that don’t get lost. HDMI plates are also a great accessory for today’s home theatres. Combination wall plates are designed to have a different kind of connector for each type of device used, making them the right choice when you need to have many different kinds of connections throughout your establishment.

2. Audio Visual (AV) Components.

Keeping students, employees, and parishioners engaged is crucial. Because of this, the audio visual needs of schools, churches, and offices are growing as presentations become more and more elaborate. With so much equipment involved, it’s also important to keep wires discreetly tucked away for a tidier overall appearance. Electronic accessories such as brush wall plate mounting brackets are an essential element of your complete AV system.

3. Ethernet Connections.

90% of adults in the United States are active on the Internet, according to statistics from the Pew Research Center. Using accessories that allow for faster internet speed, such as Ethernet cables, helps you get your computer work done more quickly. Although 10 megabits per second (Mbps) of Ethernet cable speed is considered to be sufficient for individual needs, To achieve more rapid Internet speed, network cables that have been rated up to 100 Mbps may also be used.

The electronic needs of churches, offices, and schools are increasing, and we have the tangled wires and cables to prove it. Organizing these using the right electronic accessories will keep you connected — and make your facility look great as well.

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