The Best Type of Electric Heater

Do you have cold spots in your home that you want to warm up? Read on to find out which electric heater would be best for you in that spot.

If you are looking for a safe, cost-effective and efficient heating system, look no further than electric heating. Baseboard heaters are one of the simplest, most economical forms of electric heat.

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They are usually hardwired to an electrical circuit. The baseboard element generates heat, which warms the air around it. The natural convection process of taking in cold air, and warming it up circulates the warm air throughout the room. Radiant floor heaters usually come in the form of electric cables, tubes of heated water or electric mats installed just below the floor’s surface that heat the floor. These systems work particularly well with concrete floors. Radiant heat can be compared to how it feels to be under the hot sun. For example, when you are in direct sunlight you can feel the rays on your skin, but as soon as you go under the shade of a tree, you no longer feel that direct heat from the sunlight.

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