How to Get Started in Screen Printing

Screen printing may be for you if you are into artwork or just want to get started printing your t-shirts and more related projects. Getting started is not as complicated as many people may conceive it to be. The only thing you should consider the most is the space needed to screen print your apparel and other projects. Depending on the size of your equipment and how much equipment you have, the screen-printing process requires a moderate amount of space.

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Screen Printing

Screen printing of t-shirts, apparel, and posters can be done in smaller spaces, depending on the type of equipment you have decided to use at the beginning. Yet, regardless of how much space you decide to use for your screen-printing process, it is important to have all of the tools needed to get started. Some of the tools that you will need to get started printing your apparel and more include a printer’s screen, ink-mesh (ink-mesh can be made on your own or purchased), printer-squeegees, and photo-emulsion. Each step taken when you decide to screen-print for the first time is extremely important because you want to have the correct pressure on the screen when printing different types of apparel and products, so you can have the best outcome.

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