Sports Heat Transfer Products Grow in Popularity During the Summer

Everybody wants to make sure that their company is branded. From the new logo for a statewide summer sports competition to making sure that everyone knows about your new writing service, if you want your project or company to be successful you need to make sure that you promote your company’s name and logo. Although there are many ways that businesses can promote themselves and their products, one of the most fun methods is with t-shirts. For this reason there are a growing number of companies that are looking to get in the screen printing business.
Fortunately, there are a number of types of heat presses, as well as lots of heat press replacement parts so that even a used machine can help a small business get started. One of the most popular ways that heat press transfer machines are being used today if for on site sales. From dance recitals to gymnastics meets to concert venues, many consumers want to make sure that they are able to get just the kind of shirt that they want when they attend an event.

One of the most profitable things about having a t-shirt business is that the customer absorbs 100% of the design set up costs. Although there are incentives and price breaks offered to clients who place large orders, the fact of the matter is that there is money to be made even on an order of only one or two shirts.
Has Your Business Ever Considered Owning a Hot Press Machine?
If you own a company that place a lot of t-shirt orders, it might be in your best interest, not to mention fun, if you purchased your own manual heat transfer press. Available in a variety of price ranges, these machines are a great way to affordably create all of the custom designs that you want. As part of the marketing department, for instance, training just one or two people how to run the equipment you would be able to roll out custom apparel for even a small project with very little investment other than time.

T-shirts are big business so there are always plenty of both new and used transfer machines available, as well as heat press replacement parts when needed. Making them a 117-year-old garment, t-shirts were actually worn for over two decades before the word was officially added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary. On any given day, how many of the people in your office would be wearing a t-shirt if they could? Because these are some of the most comfortable kinds of clothing, you might as well make it even easier for your workers and your clients to help you advertise your company or your logo on their shirt.

The U.S. apparel market was worth approximately $315 billion in the year 2016, so doesn’t it make sense for you to get in on the action? With the press itself and a resource for extra heat press replacement parts when they are needed, you can be making t-shirts for your customers, employers, family, and friends in no time at all.

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