Choosing the Proper Type of Dispense Valves

Many manufacturing companies create products that feature electronic components. Considering that, it’s important that certain measures are taken to keep these components safe. Because of this, many companies need to utilize compounds to enclose electrical items. Before you’re able to begin dispensing the right compounds, you’ll need to utilize the right equipment. With that in mind, here are four considerations to make before ordering dispensing valves.

  • Valve Material

    While these pieces of equipment might seem simple, many components go into creating dispense valves. For instance, different types of valves are made from certain types of seals. While one type of valve seal material would work well in one situation, it might not work as well in other environments. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that you’re ordering dispensing valve material that is suitable for your project.
  • Temperature of Adhesive

    It’s also important to know the temperature of all adhesives you’re using. For instance, certain potting compounds are known to reach temperatures in excess of 392 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. Potting compounds are used to surround and protect electronic components without leaving any space for air to enter. Therefore, it’s important to have dispensing valves that are able to work in these kinds of temperatures.
  • The Speed of Adhesive Distribution

    Another important consideration is to think about how fast you’ll need these dispensing valves to dispense liquids. In certain situations, time might not be a factor. However, companies with larger quantities of product to produce will need a more timely dispensing solution.
  • Accounting for Changes Under Pressure

    Throughout the manufacturing process, materials can change as they experience pressure. Therefore, it’s important to factor into how your potting compounds and other materials will change over time. While potting compounds cure, they are known to shrink considerably. Being aware of how your compounds respond to pressure is an important part of choosing the right dispense valves.

To summarize, there are many important factors that go into choosing the right kind of dispensing valves. It’s understandable to be unsure of which valves to choose, especially for new projects. With that in mind, it’s wise to contact a company that provides customized dispensing solutions. This allows you to present the details of your project to the company. In turn, their team of engineers will work to help your business create a working solution.

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