Living And Working In The Age Of Technology

The age of technology is here, and it is vividly present in our world. From our personal to our professional lives, technology is everywhere that we look – even in those neutral periods, such as our commutes to and from work, that are neither personal nor professional. Adapting to technology, at least in the professional world, has become synonymous with survival in your chosen career path.

And the amount of data that is being created each and every day through the use of various technologies amounts to a truly staggering number. By the time that we reach the year of 2020, now less than two full years away, more than one and a half megabytes of information will be created every second – a full set of more than one and a half megabytes for every single person occupying this planet, that is.

And much of this data is more widely accessible than many people are aware of. Though it is estimated that less than one percent of data – less than half of a percent, even – that has been created or will be created will ever actually be analyzed, data analysis has, on a whole, proven to be quite profitable. Just by increasing data accessibility by a mere ten percent, as much as sixty five billion dollars can be brought in as additional income to the typical Fortune 500 company, though this is not likely to be true – at least not to this extent – for companies of lesser sizes.

However, as profitable as data accessibility can be, cybersecurity should also be a top priority, as cyber crime represents the dark side of this accessibility all too clearly. If your company has not installed some sort of cybersecurity system for the security management of your important data, calling in IT consulting services can help. IT consulting services can help you to decide what type of data backup services will be the right ones for you, from the level of protection that they offer to how well such backup solutions will fit within your budget.

IT consulting services and IT support services can also help you to install and monitor such programs, making sure that they are operating to their full capacity at all times. IT consulting services will also likely be able to answer any questions that you might have, both at the time of installation and at any other time that something relating to your cybersecurity comes up.

But if you haven’t had IT consulting services help you to figure out how to best protect your data, now is the time to do so as cyber crime is on the rise and if cyber crime happens to you, it is likely to be very costly indeed. In fact, by the time that we reach the year of 2021, the spending on cyber crime is expected to meet and then exceed a total of one trillion dollars, a truly immense sum of money indeed. And the damages that have been sustained by cyber crime are expected to reach an even more astonishing value of six trillion dollars by that same year. For companies all throughout the country, the rising rates of cyber crime pose a real threat.

Fortunately, taking action early through the utilization of IT support and IT consulting services can be instrumental in protecting you in the years to come, when technology is likely to become more and more prevalent than ever before, especially as new technology grows and develops and becomes utilized in the workplaces all around the country. New cyber security jobs will also be created and hopefully filled, adding an additional layer of protection to your private and highly important information, be it your personal information or the information stored by your company.

Cyber security is a very real threat, this is true. But that does not mean that we cannot take steps to fight back against it, and that those steps will not be – in at least some ways – very effective. Becoming aware of this growing problem is the first step, and the other steps will often come more naturally than thought.

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