Finding Affordable Cables and Surge Protectors Can Help You Run Your Business and Your Home

Your husband left for Michigan for work early Sunday morning and to say that parenting five children, two yours and three his from a previous marriage, is a challenge would be an understatement. You nursed your way trhogu are a . I a hangover and managed to keep all five kids alive this first day. The fact that you broke out a new set of bulk USB cables may have been the saving grace. And while the technology connections are important, you need to learn from the lessons that you realized today.

First, you have learned that five kids are always loud, but when you have a hangover, they sound like 50 kids ransacking a candy store. Lesson number two, apparently you do have to remind your children that rules still apply even when their father is 700 miles away. The third lesson is that you realize that your husband is the go-to. In fact, one of your children called dad to tattle on other kids. And yes, this child did realize that his father he was 700 miles away. Perhaps most importantly, you realized that having a house full of surge protectors, smartphone cables, and bulk USB cables can go a long ways toward helping keep teenagers happy and occupied.

We Are a Society of Connected Individuals

Whether you are a parent who is trying to get through a long single parent weekend or you are someone who relies on technology for work, you likely know the importance of having all of the right cables, cords, and surge protectors. Both to keep phones charged and work laptops ready for an upcoming presentation, living in today’s connected world can be a challenging. Consider some of these facts and figures about the industry that helps support all of the technology that we use on a daily basis:

  • More than 3.74 billion people were internet users in the world as of March 2017.
  • USB 3.1 compliant devices have the capability to transfer data at 10 Gbps.
  • USB 2.0 compliant devices, in fact, can reach a maximum transmission rate of 480 Mbps.
  • 395 iPhones are sold every minute of every day.
  • 64% of all Americans in 2017 owned an iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, or iPod product.
  • The Apple iPhone 7 accounted for 8.1% of smartphone sales in America in the third quarter of 2017.

If you want to make sure that you are able to stay connected it is important to make sure that there are appropriate numbers of recharging cables and power cords available. By making purchases of bulk USB cables, in fact, you can find that there are many ways that you can be prepared for any kind of situation or emergency.

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