How to Fix Three Common Computer Problems Like A Pro

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For many people their laptop is equal to their life. Laptops are mobile work stations, entertainment centers, and links to the world. An estimated 60 billion emails are sent each day and over 1 billion web searches are conducted each month. It is estimated there are 500 million people on Facebook, 23% check their accounts a minimum of five times a day. It’s easy to see the reliance that we have on our computers, so when your laptop starts acting up, when is it time to get a repair or a replacement?

Signs That You Need Laptop Repair or Upgrade
If you are having computer problems you may not always have to get a new computer. Before you throw the baby out with the bath water try these simple computer repair tips and tricks for common computer problems:

    Computer Seems to be Slow or Sluggish
    If your computer is running slower that it used to, it might be time to update your hard drive or your ram. Also do a run anti-virus and malware check, computers with lax network security systems could be slowed down significantly by malware and viruses.

    Keyboard is Malfunctioning/Keys are Sticking
    If your keyboard is sticking try using compressed air to clean debris that may be interrupting with the mechanical function of the keys, if any keys seem to give you resistance when you press down there may be dirt preventing its movement and it needs to be cleared.

    Laptop Will Not Run On Battery Power
    When your laptop can not power on without a charger connected it could mean that your battery may not be adequately charged. Allow the battery to charge according to device specifications, if that does not work it might be time to buy a new battery, which will generally always be less expensive than getting a new computer.

There are also instances when you may not be able to do a home fix, but visiting computer repair technicians could actually cost less than an outright replacement of your computer.

When a Laptop Repair isn’t enough
Sometimes no amount of computer support can save your system. Here are some signs that it may be time to cut your loses and get a new computer:

  • Your computer will not turn on at all
  • Your motherboard has failed
  • Buying a replacement part would cost more than the computer itself

In these instances it might be more cost effective to just simply research getting a new computer, it could save you time money and heartache. As always the best course of action is to consult with a professional before you decide to turn your old laptop into a paperweight, many laptop repair services are willing to give free or relatively inexpensive evaluations.

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