Why Your Company Should Invest in a Web Developer for Your Site

A web designer

In today’s fast paced world it is estimated that within 90 seconds, consumers make decisions about a product or service using the information at their disposal. Likewise, 80 percent of people shop online using their smart phones, and almost half of all consumers will leave a site if it is not mobile friendly, and move on to one that is.

All of these SEO statistics indicate the need for powerful web developer intervention to ensure company website design best reflects the needs of the company, as well as the consumer. If you think you are in need of internet marketing services for your online presence, your best bet might be hiring a web developer from a trusted digital marketing agency. Think you can do it yourself? Here are 3 ways a reputable web developer can help with your online status:

1. Professional Web Design
An experienced web developer can help refresh your existing web site by making it look more professional and easier for users to navigate. Why does this matter? A professional web site is a reflection on your business. If you don’t put the time and energy into making it look and run efficiently, why should consumers trust your product? Also, intuitive, easy to navigate web sites make it simpler for consumers to move from page to page, and if their overall experience is positive, they are more likely to trust your website, as well as your products or services.

2. Search Engine Optimization Marketing
When you think of SEO, a web developer might not immediately come to mind, but web developers and SEO actually have quite a lot in common. While a full time web developer cannot commit all of their time to SEO, they are often familiar with general SEO friendly practices or approaches, and can either incorporate them into your web design, or make it easy for the SEO specialist to add them on later. Better yet, if they have SEO experience, you can hire them to do not only your web development, but your SEO, as well.

3. Mobile Friendly Websites

A good web developer can not only create a great mobile website for your company, but ensure it has all of the necessary enhancements, as well. They can also make your mobile site look appealing, design it with easy navigation for smart phone users, as well as ensure that all options are completely functional in the mobile version of the site. You want to make sure a mobile user can access your fully catalog of products, quickly and easily, and buy them on a mobile device, or else you could lose a good target group of customers.

Finding a high quality web developer who takes pride in their work will reflect highly on your company’s reputation. Make sure you interview the web developer prior to working with them, to ensure they fully understand your company’s values and direction.

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