How Do Hermetic Electrical Feedthroughs Work?

Interconnect products are key for those in the manufacturing industry. Specifically, hermetic electrical feedthroughs are important for a variety of situations, including use in medical imaging systems, high voltage electrical switches, military ordinance control applications, space simulation vacuum chambers, and more. They ensure the passage of energy and matter from outside a vacuum chamber to inside it without any leakage.

Learn more about hermetic electrical feedthroughs in the video below.

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Hermetic electrical feedthroughs effectively boost the performance of a vacuum chamber and are flexible with no design constraints. They also take up less space on the system, leaving room for designers and engineers to be more creative. When using hermetic electrical feedthroughs, there is no pressure lost which means that issues like contact resistance and voltage drop are essentially nonexistent.

Finally, a single wire hermetic electrical feedthrough can easily accommodate all the wires that a vacuum chamber needs due to the ability to incorporate modern design. They end up being cheaper, more efficient, smaller, and easier to install. This is true for any industry that they are used in. So, if there is the option to choose between traditional bulkhead connectors and hermetic ones, the latter is clearly the better choice.

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