Five Things To Do Before Hiring An Executive Recruiter

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In a 2014 survey, respondents admitted to having a shortage of candidates with particular skill in their sectors, up to 71%. While this number has gone down by 5% in comparison to the numbers reported in 2013, the percentile is still significantly high.

It can be fairly difficult to find skilled candidates for hire when you’re busy running a company. This is especially true for when the skilled candidates you want are out of reach of there’s too much competition in the hiring arena. Because you often need to be focused on your business’ productivity in order to stay ahead of the game, it can be a beneficial idea to outsource your recruiting services.

However, before you make a move on hiring an executive search service, it is recommended for you to take into consideration these three tips.

  1. Run background checks on the recruiting company. You would run a background check on a potential employee, so why wouldn’t you run a background check on an executive recruiter you plan to outsource? Locate people that the executive recruiter has already placed in your industry and contact those who had been candidates to get a better understanding of their services. Not only will this tell you whether or not the recruiting services you’re potentially hiring are legitimate, therefore saving you from a scam, but it also lets you know how the service operates and whether or not their style goes well with your company’s.
  2. Ensure the company knows your needs. Because the recruiting service is representing your business, it’s important that the recruiting firm understands the qualifications of the role they’re searching for and what kind of experience the potential candidate needs. Additionally, the recruiter needs to know your company culture in order to find the best fit candidate not just in experience, but also in personality.
  3. Network to find your recruiting service. You’re in the business world, which means networking is important in order to get in with the top executive recruiting firms. In order to do that, find networking opportunities the same way you would if you were looking for a job. Attend events where recruiters would be and don’t be afraid to ask around about other business’ recruiting experiences.

Larger businesses have been outsourcing recruiting services for years. Recruiting services know how to professionally navigate in the world of hiring and know how to compete with another recruiting firm. Outsourcing ultimately saves you money by finding the right person for your business while you focus on the productivity of your company.

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