Do You Want Someone Else to Worry About IT Security?

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If information technology is not your strong suit, it might be better to pass off the network computer support services to an outside company. Network security should be a top concern amongst even small businesses. Globally, in 2017 IT spending is projected to reach $3.5 trillion. Knowing when to hire supplemental IT help is part of the challenge.

In the 2016 survey by Global Outsourcing, it was found that 31% of all company IT services were outsourced. Why would a company choose to do this? There’s several reasons why a company would have their network computer support services overseen by an outside company.

It is important to note the distinction between having a supplemental IT support and completely outsourcing the IT department. Network computer support services are just that, support for an existing infrastructure. They are able to troubleshoot existing problems and offer suggestions for improvement.

Small businesses especially may benefit from going this route. In Symantec’s 2016 Internet Security Threat Report, small businesses were the target of phishing campaigns 43% of the time. That same report found that as many as one in 40 small businesses would ran the risk of being targeted for a cyber crime.

These statistics might be alarming, but on the other hand, it is probably not financially feasible for a smaller business to have the drum-tight security that a larger corporation can afford. More than 58% of all businesses worry about a cyber attack, and with good reason. When consumers hear of a company being hacked, their trust in the security of the business can drop significantly.

One path small businesses can take in an effort to have the best IT support possible at a cost effective price is to utilize current technology to the fullest. Cloud storage can allow many small companies to save on precious real estate by avoiding server storage. Free remote-access software for minor tech support has also become a popular option in the quest to be economical while still retaining some IT support.

Making tough decisions to help a business grow and return a profit is a never-ending endeavor. If your skill set skewers more towards the business planning side than to network support, it might be worthwhile to look into outsourcing your company’s IT service support.

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