Cyber Attacks and Your Business

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Cyber Attacks and Your Business

Starting a company can be one of the most exciting dives you will ever take. Unfortunately, with any business in the modern age of technology, cyber attacks are all too common. Not surprisingly, over half of all businesses (58%) are worried about cyber attacks. The worry is more than validated, since 54% of companies report that they have experienced IT downtime from a single event lasting more than eight hours. Eight hours of IT loss is 8 hours of lost business and productivity. Not the mention the possible damage done by cyber attackers.

Preventing Cyber Attacks

IT consulting and IT security are the first measures that can be taken to prevent cyber attacks. It can take six months or more for a team of six to 10 people to develop an app. This time is precious and deserves a fair chance at preventing cyber attacks. IT firms offer software procurement, software development, and server monitoring and maintenance. For 38% of companies of all sizes, enhanced security and compliance was the reason for using a managed services provider. According to the latest forecast by Gartner, worldwide IT spending is projected to reach $3.7 trillion in 2018. Hiring a firm that offers quality IT consulting firms is the best shot at preventing cyber attacks from occurring in the first place.

The Aftermath Of A Cyber Attack

96% of businesses report having a disaster recovery solution, but only 50% are using cloud-based technology. The managed security services market is expected to almost double by 2020, from $17.02 billion to $33.68 billion. These figures are astounding, but not surprising. Being the victim of a cyber attack can cost a company thousands, if not millions, in damage reparation. Business continuity is crucial and an IT consulting firm that also offers firewall as a service should be a thought first and foremost, as opposed to dealing with a negative attack. Device monitoring should be a priority from the get-go. Time, money, effort, and energy are precious. Dealing with the aftermath of an attack on your company is not worth the headaches that can easily be prevented by working with a local IT consulting firm.

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