Ensuring Great Customer Service at Your Hotel

Hotel software

Great customer service is key in ensuring that your manage a prosperous, efficient business. For those in the hotel business, the ever-changing hotel trends can be difficult to stay on top of, possibly sullying the customer service experience. For the three out of four travelers who are planning one booking one or more weekend getaways this winter, you want to assure that they have a pleasant experience at your hotel.

Studies show that 74% of travelers return to a previous location if they appreciated their time spent there. As a hotel owner/manager, you want to guarantee that these travelers enjoy their experience with your property and are likely to return. To do so, you should consider looking into a hotel property management system (pms system).

A means of tracking customer service from point A to point B, hotel property management systems allows you to properly manage the all-around employee and customer experience. This hotel software allows you to properly manage and automate such hotel work characteristics:

  • Guest bookings
  • Online reservations
  • Telephone Systems
  • Point of Sale Operations
  • HR and Payroll
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Maintenance and Quality Management
  • Event Planning

With most of these hotel property management systems moving to cloud-based storage computing, these hotel pms systems can expand their functionality towards online customer service experiences:

  • Online Check-In
  • Online Room Service
  • Online Guest-to-Staff Communcations
  • Online Room Controls (A.C., TV, etc.)

And with more travelers relying upon mobile devices — of which 46% of users relying on their mobile devices for travel research, your cloud-based hotel property management system can provide in-coming travelers with a keen awareness for update hotel trends, providing them with great customer service. As a business owner/manager, this is an invaluable achievement, as building trust with just 5% of customers can lead to an increase in per-customer-profit by 25-100%; similarly, it’s been reported that 86% of customers would decide to not return to a business that caused a poor customer service experience.

By utilizing property management systems designed specifically for hotels, you can effectually update the customer service systems of your business while further increasing the experience between your employees and customers. As a hotel owner, the last thing you want is for a traveler to leave your property feeling as if your business was indifferent towards them. Through taking the time to provide them with competent customer service and efficient, updated technology you can ensure that they will leave a happy traveler — likely to review your business positively and return in the near future.

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