Cold Storage What You Need To Know

A temperature variation of 2 °C is enough to render a biological pharmaceutical product useless. This explains the $150,000 average loss pharmaceutical companies have to bear. It is on these grounds that cold storage is a subject that we cannot overlook. Cold storage determines the successful distribution of biological pharmaceutical products such as vaccines. Doing so would make mitigation of disease outbreaks difficult. Vaccines need a proper mode of delivery during transportation from the laboratory to where distribution is to take place. This cold chain delivery of temperature-sensitive vaccines calls for disciplined biostorage.

Maintaining optimal vaccine temperatures during cold chain distribution is critical. Overlooking this means that public health isn’t guaranteed because the vaccine might not work. 2 to 8 °C is the appropriate temperature range for most vaccines. Maintaining such recommended biological pharmaceutical temperatures can be a delicate balancing act. But, cold storage makes sure that there is no reason to worry by maintaining vaccine quality. Temperature fluctuations not only make the vaccine a waste, but this can be a public health risk. This is because there is the likelihood of improper vaccine administration.

The need for cold chain shipping solutions continues to grow day by day. These include mobile refrigerated units and refrigerated shipping containers. Such essentials make sure that vaccines are competently transported to the desired destination. It is this need for cold chain logistics services that have resulted in cold chain industry modernization. Companies specializing in cold chain delivery have contributed significantly to humanity. With such companies, the distribution of life-saving biological pharmaceutical products is possible.

Temperature controlled biostorage has dramatically advanced in the 21st century. This is a big plus because issues to do with vaccine spoilage are a thing of the past. The same applies to other biological pharmaceutical essentials such as medicines. Cold storage helps keep biological pharmaceutical products in their best working condition. This goes a long way in minimizing losses. Digital temperature monitoring and reporting feature downloadable on a personal computer is essential. The downloaded vital statistics validate hold time performance during shipping.

Coming up with a biostorage plan is essential to guarantee sample viability and value. The lack of proper storage is likely to come at a high cost. This is because the samples can become compromised. All the money and time invested in obtaining the sample will go to waste. Here are helpful tips on long-term safe biological sample storage.

1.Storage Objective

2.Biological Viability

How long do you plan to store the sample? Depending on the sample type, it’s always wise to come up with a storage strategy. There is a direct correlation between how long a sample can last and storage temperature. Adequately prepared samples and stored below -135 °C usually have infinite storage.

But, it’s good to have a counter-strategy at all times. This is just in case temperatures go above -135 °C. This will depend on how long you can archive the sample before it starts degrading. The decision is usually pegged on if the sample storage is for archival or transactional purposes.

3.Thermal Performance

Temperature controlled units are another concern when coming up with a storing strategy. The quality of insulation forms the basis of creating cold storage space. The difference in a mechanical cooling storage box and liquid nitrogen storage isn’t about cooling technology. The difference lies in the degree of insulation. Improving insulation will help increase thermal performance.

4.Environmental Impact

Insulation is a significant determinant when it comes to energy consumption. Three freezers operating at -80 °C have an equal environment impact as an average-sized family car. Proper temperatures are still maintainable for about a week in an ultra-high efficiency cold storage space. This period drastically reduces to roughly an hour in a mechanically cooled box.

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