Branding How A Great Image Can Change Your Company’s Future

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Brand identity is a major part of a company?s success in this day and age, with brand image making or breaking the dreams of many small business owners. Having a strong identity makes a company seem more legitimate and less like an entrepreneur?s ?project?. This in turn causes more clients and customers to flock to a business. It?s a matter of trust, and in the American economy in particular trust equals business. That?s why it might be wise to hire a custom product packaging company. These companies can help you not only with a brick and mortar store, but with web marketing as well.

Making A Good Impression With A Brick And Mortar Store

It may seem that the Internet is taking over the world of shopping; but the fact is that while an online presence is massively important, the Harvard Business Review reports retailers with a brick and mortar presence still control around 94 to 97% of the market. The inside of your store should be as clean and inviting as possible, of course, with friendly and professional employees being a must. But the fact is that attracting customers is about the outer appearance of a store. A window display makes a huge difference for many retailers. A custom product packaging company can help you decide how best to arrange a window display, and whether that display should be permanent or movable. The best kind of display goes beyond the visual, too; people have five senses, and everything from music to pleasant smells can attract potential customers as much as any pretty display.

Web Design: Making The Best Site Possible

What about that online presence? A 2011 report by Forrester Reports stated that $11 trillion are influenced by the web. You?ll want to ensure that your website is both professional and appealing, as well as easily accessed by search engines, what with 54% of online shoppers beginning with a search engine. That website has about 10 seconds to make an impression, with most customers or potential clients leaving after that time if they don?t like what they see. A mobile website is also a great addition, with 62% of companies with mobile websites seeing an increase in sales.

Packaging Design: The Bare Basics

Often, a costume product packaging company can help you with the basics of packaging as well. Great product packaging design, whether it?s packaging in a brick and mortar store or the packaging of products ordered online, is greatly important. Part of what makes it so necessary is the need to attract repeat customers. After all, a repeat customer spends 67% more than a new one. They appreciate good customer service and quality packaging ? they appreciate a brand. A good custom product packaging company can help you come up with a clean, sleek brand. That way your company will have an identity that customers and clients can return to again and again.

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