3 Ways Seniors Can Use Technology to Improve Their Lives After Retirement

senior housing optionsAlmost everyone looks forward to retirement — after all, you’ll get to sleep in, do whatever you want to do each day, and finally have time to devote to hobbies, volunteering and grandchildren. But the transition from a lifetime of working five or six days a week to completely unstructured days can be difficult for many people to adjust to.

There are, however, senior housing options that can help ease this transition. Seniors might feel secluded if they stay in their own homes all alone, and it’s no secret that mental and physical capabilities dwindle as the years go by. Living in nursing homes that offer supportive living can be great for seniors because they can have all the necessary assistance regarding their medications, food, and anything else they might need, but can also have their own privacy as well as plenty of fun activities to participate in. For those new retirees who still haven’t quite gotten the hang of “doing nothing,” there are lots of activities and planned events to fill the days.

Many assisted living facilities are now using more “contemporary” designs and feature modern devices with a much larger emphasis on technology. This is something that seniors in the past simply did not have. Retirement is a great time for seniors to master the use of technology so that they can learn, stay in touch with their loved ones, record their memories, and just have fun.

Social Media

Younger folks may take social media for granted because they’ve had it for so long, but many seniors have never used social media. They might need some assistance setting everything up, but once they get the hang of it, they will truly be able to experience a new world. They’ll be able to connect with their friends and family, even classmates or old Army buddies they haven’t heard from in years. This will surely bring a smile to their face. At the very least, they’ll be able to see pictures of their grandchildren — that’s enough to brighten up their world.

Tell Their Story

Assisted living homes are a great place for seniors to relax, but many also want to relive their youth and record some of their memories for posterity. Tech can help here, too. Whether it’s setting up a blog where they can tell the stories of their younger years, or using a photo-sharing site to organize all those fragile old snapshots, retirees have lots of time to tell — and share — their stories.

Rekindle Their Hobbies

We typically think of seniors as enjoying sedate hobbies like knitting, bingo or crossword puzzles — and if they do like those things, they can certainly find communities of like-minded friends online — but there are myriad other passions and interests out there, for seniors to rekindle or to explore anew. The internet connects enthusiasts of all sorts, as well as providing instructional videos, blogs, and inspiration for everything from scrimshaw to salsa dancing.

Show seniors how technology can improve their lives during their retirement. And if you’re still unsure of some senior housing options, contact Evergreen Senior Living today!

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