What You Should Know About Vibratory Finishing

In a world filled with competing manufacturers, the vibratory finishing is a sure way of facing and beating them. To achieve that glossy or shiny look on your metallic products, you will first need to think about and find vibratory deburring machines for sale. Buying a vibratory finishing machine from an experienced and supportive dealer will equip you with valuable advice and or support services.

Understanding the basics of vibratory deburring machines will help you appreciate the results of working with them. Besides the vibratory deburring machine, there are what are referred to as the media. And they are responsible for giving any desired finish on various types of metals.

Before getting to the details about common types of media used in a vibratory machine, it is vital noting that the size of and individual media piece should not exceed 70% of the holes in the machine. There are three types of media commonly used in vibratory finishing. And they are listed as follows;

Plastic Media

These media are used in deburring aluminum. When working with most aluminum alloys, it is recommended that the green general-purpose media be applied. Three factors will determine your choice of deburring media, and they are the size, level of aggressiveness, and shape.

The reason why there are different shape preferences is to avoid the media being trapped in the machine parts when doing the vibratory finishing. Before your Mr deburr machine is on, it is imperative noting that all deburring operations are done with water and a compound. The purpose of the water and compound is to lubricate the process and flushing out unwanted material.

The compound, in most cases, is a particular type of soap that is specially formulated to be used in the deburring process. When polishing aluminum, the compound VF 77 is recommended. Examples of aluminum parts that require polishing are;

  • Electronic components
  • Motor engine parts
  • Kitchenware
  • Aircraft parts

Ceramic Media

There are types of metals or their alloys are tough. Polishing these metals using plastic media can prove a task too challenging. That is where ceramic media come in. These types of media are manufactured from high-quality abrasives such as the brown merged alumina.

They are used to polish both regular and irregular surfaces made from metals such as stainless steel, steel, and cast iron. Ceramic media is particularly preferred in vibratory finishing during the manufacture of;

  • Manufacture of kitchenware such as spoons, forks, tongs, garlic press, slotted spoons, and pizza cutters
  • Bicycle parts
  • Electronics parts
  • Jewelry made from certain types of metals
  • Art and craft pieces

The listed types of ceramic media are used to achieve specific textures from vibratory finishing they include; ball, triangle, angle cut triangle, cylinder, angle cut cylinder, triangle cylinder, ellipse, cone, tetrahedron, cubic, three stars, four stars, rhombus, grain, and nugget. It is also vital noting that the desired texture will determine the sizes of the porcelain media.

Porcelain Media

When thinking about buying vibratory finishing equipment or thinking about a Mr deburr for sale, it would be imperative knowing that at some point, you will need the services of porcelain media. This type of media comes in handy when there is a need to polish.

Again, when polishing materials made from different metals, it would be imperative working with the recommended specifications of porcelain media. A good example is when polishing aluminum; you would be required to use spherical metal polishing porcelain media.

Opting to use anything contrary in the vibratory finishing machine would give the aluminum an undesirable finish. Such a situation would lead to losses or taint your image as a business person.

To achieve the desired vibratory finishing, you will need to look for the best deburring machine. You will also need to understand with a vibratory deburring machine in your possession, you will need one of the three types of media depending on your desired finish.

The type of metal will determine the desired finish and the media used.

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