What To Know Installing A Water Heater

A tankless water heater is a new trend today. Aside from the benefits, it can offer, a tankless water heater can also save your money. It is cost-effective because it doesn’t need a vast tank to store heated water.

Are you looking for a tankless water heater installation near me? Here are helpful tips from professionals.

Install the tankless unit into the drywall.

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The first step to do is to install the tankless unit into the drywall. You can use a stud finder to search for the studs and ensure to cut a hole between them. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how you can attach it to the wall.

Route the water supply to the water heater.
Ensure that the supply pipes from your water pipes connect to your inlets. Also, make sure that the water pipes to your house directly to an outlet.

Install shut-off valves.
Install the shut-off valves near your tankless water heater. You can open the water valves. Ensure you are not opening the electricity or gas. Try if the system is properly working.

Shut-off water valves.
Off the water valves, then remove any inline filter. You can now clean out any debris. You can now replace a new filter, open your electricity, and open your water valves. Test the whole system and enjoy your heated water.

Watch the video for more information about tankless water heater installation near me.

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