Two Ways To Boost Online Sales This Christmas

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Christmas is just a few weeks away — and the holiday season isn’t just a godsend for brick-and-mortar retailers. E-commerce and online sales also flourish, and, in fact, this past Cyber Monday was one of the most successful yet. With more and more consumers Christmas shopping online, it is the perfect time to attract new customers. Here are some of the best ways to do it.

Keep Things Festive

Professional web design companies know that it’s not necessarily just about looks. Although company websites should have a sleek and professional appearance, these things alone won’t help you win over new customers. Nearly all (93%) of people begin their Internet experience on a search engine, for example. Do what you can to make sure your company shows up in the results! Since customers will be searching for Christmas gifts and Christmas gifts ideas, it is a good idea to use these terms and give them what they want. That is, make it easy for them to find the products and services that will make the best gifts for people on their list.

Once consumers are on your site, one of the best marketing and advertising tips is to add small touches to celebrate the season. A festive background, snow, or even a countdown to the New Year Or Christmas will demonstrate that you are updating your website regularly — and continually putting effort into your business.

Pay Attention To Social Media Trends

Whether you are working for promotions marketing, small ad agencies, or small web design companies, one thing pretty much holds true no matter what: it is much, much easier to get among the top results on social media if you can tap into current trends. If you tweet something with a trending hashtag, for example, people are infinitely more likely to see it. Carefully monitor Twitter for holiday-related hashtags, and use them to reach more customers.

In 2010, search engines motivated a quarter of all online sales — and today the search engine industry is worth $16 billion. Here are some of the best marketing and advertising tips: help customers find you by staying relevant and writing up-to-date blogs and content, and tap into current social media trends — such as trending hashtags — while you are at it. For more about this, go here.

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