Three Warning Signs Your SEO is a Scam

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Many people are looking for options for local SEO companies. However, it can be difficult to find them. There are many scam offers out there, as well, which can make it more difficult to find a legitimate company, with a legitimate offer. Here are three warning signs that the digital marketing firm you’re talking to is not the right choice for a serious business.

1. Pre-Packaged SEO

In the early ’00s, it may have been possible to basically spam people and websites with links, and have it count as a good thing for your website. Today, though, this is likely to lead to a headache, not a high Google ranking. Google, the company, isn’t stupid. They know the very obvious shortcuts people take, and they’re configuring their algorithm to ignore, and even punish, any website that tries to take those shortcuts.

2. Guaranteed Top Rank

Why is it hard for a good SEO company to guarantee you a top spot before they even know your campaign? SEO is an ever-changing field. You may have few competitors today, and several tomorrow. Or you may have a heavily competitive keyword that realistically will cost hundred of dollars if you want to gain the top spot. Look for good SEO companies that may not be able to guarantee you a specific spot in rankings, but that can show you the definitive steps they take toward netting you better online visibility.

3. Not Using Original Content

Google does not like recycled content. If you’re working with a local SEO agency that relies on re-posting existing content, rather than creating new content, it isn’t going to result in good things for your website. Instead, you should aim on connecting with an expert SEO company that promises 100% original content, and a company that can explain to you what, exactly, their process is for generating that content.

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