Three Important SEO Trends for 2014 as Reported by Top SEO Agencies

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Google has been busy this year. Link networks have been called out, algorithm changes have rolled through, and SEO strategies have changed accordingly. Now that it’s several months into 2014, it’s easier to see just what trends are shaping up for SEO this year.

Understanding the bones beneath the skin of SEO can be useful for your business. Think about it this way: it’s easier to find good SEO companies if you know what good actually looks like. Here are three trends the best SEO agencies have reported noticing in the industry.

1. Google Authorship is Becoming More Important

Google encourages people to write articles using their real name. The search engine uses authority to help rank in-depth articles. The more quality pieces every author contributes, the better. Some have even speculated that content without an author ranking will no longer rank in search results. While this has yet to happen, getting on board with greater linked identification might not be a bad idea.

2. Content Marketing is Becoming Synonymous With SEO

SEO used to be all about the mechanics of raising a website’s rank. More and more, though, crafting quality content is becoming a key part of better website rankings. As content becomes increasingly important, it has started to dominate conversations about SEO. As Forbes points out, competition for keywords is high, and many SEO marketing agencies are moving toward long-tail targeting and building brand credibility and conversion rates rather than just popular keywords.

3. Demand for SEO Services on the Rise

Now that 94% of small businesses are using content marketing as part of their online marketing strategy, the push to rank for keywords in search engines is more competitive than ever before. SEO is far from dead, as many have suggested: if anything, SEO marketing agencies are only seeing more and more requests for their services by businesses both small and large. Local SEO companies are seeing great demand for help with ranking local listings, an important task now that many consumers look up local information using their smartphones.

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