The Right Cables for the Job

It is fair to say that today’s world is truly a “wired world,” as it is often called. Advanced electronic devices are used for both work and leisure, ranging from laptops and desktop PCs to smartphones, video game consoles, and even digital projectors and more. Should cables and wires be used? Portable devices such as smartphones and laptops can wirelessly connect to the Internet and even each other for convenience, but cables and wires are far from obsolete. For devices meant to stay in one place, all sorts of cables can be used, from cat5 cables for sale to cat6 cables bulk to a 100 ft HDMI cable or even bulk fiber optic cables. Why look for cat5 cables for sale when wireless Internet connections are possible? Wireless connections sometimes suffer from interference, and in a crowded office, it may be impractical to use so many wireless connections at once. Instead, cat5 cables for sale may be found, and these and other cable types can keep a computer running smoothly.

Cables in the Office

Most businesses and offices today make use of computers and other electronics, large and small alike. These devices may work side by side in great numbers, and typically will not leave the office or move around much. This is ideal for cables, and a new company or office may place many orders for hardware, such as cat5 cables for sale, racks for data servers, USB cables, and more. IT professionals can handle the installation of both hardware and software, and this allows even hundreds of computers to work comfortably in the same setting. This includes desktop PCs and data servers alike.

What is a data server? For those unfamiliar with the concept, a data server is a dedicated room that houses hundreds or even thousands of computers which all sit on racks or in shelves. These are not desktop PCs; they don’t even have monitors, keyboards, or mice. Instead, they are connected with countless cables to form a cohesive whole, and the racks may have holes to allow cables and cool air pass through. This single entity has vast storage space and processing power, and desktop PCs may be connected via cables. These connected computers can easily share that vast storage space for exchanging files, and the connected computers may also enjoy a boost to their processing power.

Meanwhile, desktop PCs in the office will also be connected to the Internet by means of cables, such as cat5 cables for sale or cat6 cables. These are ethernet cables, which plug into a PC on one end and a router on the other. In this way, the ethernet cables easily connect a computer to the Internet and allow for the smooth, secure transmission of data. Cat6 cables in particular have four pairs of copper wires to transmit data quickly and easily. In the office, cables like these may be threaded discreetly to eliminate tripping hazards, and there may even be holes drilled in the floor to let cables pass through. Specialized crews can also be hired to install fiber optic cables, which can transmit Internet data even faster for large offices with large Internet needs.

Cables in the Home

American homeowners may have many cables in the home for both work and leisure. Some employees create remote home offices, which they use to work in a quiet and convenient environment. This means having a desktop PC with an ethernet cable connecting it to a router, and with the Internet, remote employees can share files via Cloud storage, send and receive e-mails, and even conduct live video chat sessions. Cables may also connect the PC to a printer, fax machine, and other devices securely.

Meanwhile, many homeowners like to create home entertainment systems, which may include an HDTV, a digital projector, a sound system, a DVD player, video game console, and more. Cables will connect them all, such as USB cables or HDMI cables, which can plug a laptop into a projector or a video game console into an HDTV, to name two examples. Here too, ethernet cables are helpful, plugging a laptop or video game console into the Internet for video or music streaming or online gameplay.

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