The Facts You Need to Know About Cloud Hosting in 2014

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Did you know that by 2015, the global cloud market will be worth $180 billion dollars, according to the most recent estimates? There are a lot of reasons that businesses are relying on cloud technology.

The Benefits of Using Cloud

  • Cloud solutions allow businesses to expand and contract as needed. Many companies, for example, receive a lot of visits to their website around the holiday season. This means that they will have an influx of activity for about three months, and then less for the rest of the year. Rather than having to operate at full capacity all year, cloud allows businesses to expand their data usage and then scale back again.
  • What if something happens to your onsite hardware solutions? In most cases, your business will be in a jam if it experiences something like a flood or a power outage that damages the hardware. Cloud allows data and software to be stored remotely and safely so that it is always accessible.
  • Cloud hosting services allow employees to work-from-home. In many industries, this is considered a plus because employees who can work from home have been shown in studies to be more productive, more happy, and less likely to quit.
  • Cloud helps companies save money. Instead of being forced to continually buy expensive software, companies can essentially “rent” it as they need it.

Interesting Facts About Cloud Server Solutions Right Now

  • The global market for cloud will continue to grow. By 2018, this market will be worth an estimated $80 billion.
  • Currently, about 80% of CIOs receive part of their infrastructure through cloud computing services.
  • Worldwide, there are about 50 million physical servers.
  • In 2013, communications technology was the largest expense for IT in the U.S.
  • Cloud is becoming a competitive field. Amazon and Google have been continually battling for market share. Hardware giant Cisco also decided to enter the ring, and announced that it would be investing $1 billion in the development of cloud services. Whether it will actually become a formidable competitor remains to be seen.

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