Managed Services Benefits of Web Hosting

For a long time, Minecraft dedicated server commands have been around. Following the game’s success, there are a lot of people looking to host a Minecraft server for their friends or other people in their community. To host your own Minecraft server, you need to have the best Minecraft hosting websites and install the necessary software on them. The installation process is not complicated, but it’s important to know what software you need and how to configure it properly for your needs.

The best-paid Minecraft server can be hosted with an online 16GB Minecraft server hosting provider or privately with self-hosting on your machine. Online hosting providers have servers in data centers worldwide and can offer additional services such as backups and security options that self-hosting cannot provide. For those who are not sure what a dedicated server is, it is a machine set up specially to run a specific application. In this day and age, the majority of the population owns a PC. This means that people have access to about as many games as they want and all they have to do is download them. However, certain games and applications require their own 12.2 Minecraft servers for the best gaming experience. Minecraft is one such game.

To host Minecraft, you will need the right hardware. You can either buy your computer or rent one from someone else because this will be the machine that your server will be installed on. Nowadays, most computers come with at least 8GB of RAM.

It is estimated that in 2014, almost 90% of American businesses will have purchased some type of managed services.

About Managed Services:
One of the most common forms of managed services today is a website hosting service. Web hosting is when a company pays to have their data and website housed in a database system that is managed by a third party.

Managed service providers such as website hosting companies have access to a large amount of up to date technology and resources that a typical small business may not have access to. Website hosting companies will normally charge their clients via a monthly or yearly subscription, yet businesses have the option to upgrade whenever the deem fit.

About Web Hosting: The web hosting industry is estimated to grow 26% in the next four years. There are a few different types of web hosting, including shared web hosting which allows several websites to be pooled under one domain.

So you think web hosting is the right thing to do for your business, but you don’t have a lot of cash to spend right now? Not a problem, there are plenty of affordable web hosting options out there.

Finding Affordable Web Hosting: Don’t confuse the word “affordable” with the word “cheap.” Cheap web hosting will not give you the business satisfaction that affordable web hosting can. You want a company that you can depend on 24/7.

What to Look For: Depending on your business’ needs you will need a different type of web hosting from other companies in different industry markets. For example, if you are an online marketing company and manage different websites for different clients, you might want to think about having all of those websites under one account just so your work is more manageable.

The most important feature to look for is great customer service. Cheap or free web hosting companies will not always be available 24/7. What if something happens and you have a system failure or you have an issue with your linked email accounts? You’ll want to direct those questions to a web hosting company that is always on call.

What Type of Web Hosting is Best for You? If you are just starting off in the website building world or you run a small business, opting for an affordable web hosting company that offers a variety of graded packages is the best decision to make. Start off with a package that doesn’t offer as many features. For example, you may not need multiple WorkPress websites just yet, but you can always upgrade to a larger web hosting bundle package down the road.

Payment: Back in the day, businesses were expected to pay an average of $50 to $200 a month for a simple web hosting service. However, now affordable web hosting is down to about $5 a month. Even for the best low-cost hosting company you can expect to shell out only $30-$50 — and think of all the possibilities of special features you can get with that much money.


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