Invasion of the KillerSpam Bots? Computer Trouble and Simple Solutions

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If you’re a human being, odds are you own a computer. It seems like all of the science fiction where robots and machines infiltrate our private lives has finally come to fruition! Except thankfully there haven’t been any PC attacks yet. The amount of technology in contemporary society is absolutely mind blowing. Your whole life can be stored and run from a phone in the palm of your hand. How cool is that?

But the ever present question that lies in this tech-filled world is, what happens when something breaks? Most times, the solution is pretty simple. Got a broken monitor? Use your smartphone to search for computer monitor repair tips. Something like your keyboard broken? Go find someone who works in laptop repair. You can probably find these experts through a simple Google search, or even at your local computer support store.

Believe it or not, hardware problems are not the most common computer issues. You know those e-mails you get that you didn’t sign up for, but you might open anyway? Those are spam messages, and they can be harmful to your computer. Out of the near 6 billion e-mails sent every day, about 97% of them are some form of spam. Spam can be a harmless message from a credit card company, or it can contain a virus of some form. Research shows that 9 out of every 1,000 computers are infected by spam on a regular basis, and that’s no good. Beyond personal computer troubles with spam and viruses, small businesses have suffered losses due to issues like these. According to a recent survey, close to 90% of small businesses experienced a security breach or a virus in the last three years. Not only does this mean loss of potentially private information, it can mean the loss of money as well.

The solution is better network security management. First, make sure your computer is equipped with anti-virus software. Without anti-virus software and decent firewalls put up, Googling computer monitor repair tips will be the least of your problems. Nearly 80% of all security breaches are due to weak passwords, so when a message pops up saying the password you created is weak, you better listen up and fix it! If you’re looking for anti-virus software, look no further than your local computer repair shop. A Network security specialist can often help you with these kinds of problems for about the same amount of money any small repair would cost, plus the price of any software you might need to purchase.

Moral of the story: don’t wait until your computer has a virus to get protection. Whether you’re looking for computer monitor repair tips or a whole new computer entirely, don’t leave security out of the picture!

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