Four Reasons a Business Should Choose VoIP

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A large complex of buildings, all theoretically functioning as one unit, must have properly installed and functioning structured cabling because communication on these types of properties is vital. The successful daily practice of these organizations often cannot occur without effective ability to contact others within the building as well as outside the walls. For example, a trauma nurse awaiting the arrival of a patient would receive updates from the ambulance driver while also updating the needs of the trauma team on site. The ability to reliably communicate with technology cannot be overestimated. This makes the fact that changing technology has recently produced a new choice for businesses between traditional telephone systems and new voice over IP, or VoIP, which is an internet telephone. Here are four reasons to move on from traditional business phone systems to a new technology.

  1. Cost: The primary advantage for a business looking at a bottom line of VoIP is the fact that it costs significantly less. A company can almost cut their telephone bill in half with this switch.
  2. No Contract Bundling: With VoIP, a business pays for the phone service as expected and often extras like video conferencing and free interoffice calls. Traditional phone lines often come padded with hidden fees inadvertently signed for when purchasing a bundle that seemed like such a good idea.
  3. Mobility: A traditional phone, even a cordless version, has a handset that limits the range a user is able to wander. For VoIP, the only limit is the structured cabling and business wireless access points, allowing free range of the property if needed, without losing a call.
  4. Free Extras: To have voicemail on a traditional phone line, a person must pay for it, a ludicrous thought. All of the little items that phone companies charge to have, VoIP includes free of charge.

Changes in technology will continue to offer new communication options. With VoIP technology, the change is clearly a good one, a benefit to employees by easy usability and the business as a whole with low costs. The adaptable business that continues to move forward with technology will have opportunities for growth that those left behind will never see.

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