Flooding And What You Can Do To Prevent Or Reduce

Flooding all over the world has been a continuous problem for many. Just in the United States alone, flooding has caused nearly $40 billion in damages since the year of 2010. And it does not stop there. The United States Army Corps of Engineers have stated, within a generation, 100 million to several hundreds of millions of citizens will have experienced a devastating flood in a single generation.

With those statistics, water pumps have been an answer to this problematic situation for decades. It should be noted, the United States federal government has rated the sounds an industrial pump makes, and have calculated it to be about 76 decibels, also known alternatively by its well known acronym: dB, from 50 feet away. But how loud is that? To put into context, someone speaking right next to you in a normal, level voice ranges between 50 to 60 decibels. Which means, hearing an industrial pump from 50 feet away is like listening to someone raise their voice a bit right next to you. However, if an emergency vehicle passes you on the street with its sirens going off, you will be experiencing an upwards, and over, 120 decibels. In fact, prolonged exposure to an emergency vehicle siren right next to you is nearly twice the recommended limit, according to Occupational Safety and Health Administration, also alternatively known by its acronym OSHA. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration states that any sounds you are exposed to for prolong periods of time at, or above, 85 decibels should not be experienced without protective hearing gear.

A non submersible pump and a hydraulic water pump are just a few examples of attempts at controlling water. While it does work to some degree, floods are just unpredictable sometimes. A non submersible pump can pump water out of your water heater and a pool but its application is more utility rather than large scale use. However, flood water pumps are specifically designed to reduce and even prevent the build up of heavy amounts of water that a non submersible pump just is not designed for.

If you are in the business of construction, there are options to reduce and prevent build up of rainwater, runoff and groundwater on constructions sites. Before a foundation is constructed, groundwater is first removed. This provides a safer environment, reducing and preventing the hazard of slipping.

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