Five Ways Your Outdated Hotel Management System Could be Harming Your Business

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Was your hotel management system designed many years ago? Does it struggle to keep up with check ins and checkouts? Does it constantly lose important reservation information? If your current guest management system has any of these problems, it might be time to upgrade or replace it. Replacing your system with an upgraded one can provide you with many benefits.

Increased customer satisfaction

Customers expect a quick and easy check in and checkout process. If the computer is constantly freezing or shutting off, it can lead to frustration and annoyance. If the system loses a reservation, you will have even angrier customers. This often leads to negative hotel reviews, which can affect future guest stays. Besides price and location, bread and breakfast travelers look to the following when deciding where to stay, consumer reviews (50%), photos (47%), friends recommendations (46%), flexible cancellation policy (43%), and the ability to book online (43%).

Increased technological services

The majority of guests today are using their mobile devices to aid in their hotel choices. The guests that do choose your hotel are also expecting your services to be available via the internet. This means the ability to check in and check out with a mobile device. Some customers may even expect the ability to make reservations for dining or hotel amenities via their mobile phone. Just about 53% of people use their mobile devices to find travel related information. Outdated hotel management solutions generally do not have the ability to keep up with guests technological expectations.

Improved concierge services

Concierge services were once an added amenity of hotels. Today, guest concierge services are somewhat expected. With advanced guest management services, concierge services can be better matched to guests that would enjoy them. Take local tour bus attractions, for example, advanced hospitality management systems can track guests that are interested, and inform them. Guests that are on business or do not enjoy local bus attractions do not have to be bothered. Additionally, with advanced communication and technological features, guests can either opt in or opt out to concierge services.

Advanced employee tracking

A typical hotel has a large staff on site at all times. This can make it difficult to know who is doing what. It can also make it difficult to focus on improved employee training when problems occur. However, with advanced hospitality software companies and updated programs, hotel managers can know exactly who is in the building and what they are currently doing. When guest problems or concerns occur, the program can easily and quickly pull up the specific employees that were involved or near the incident., which can help with improving employee services.

Educated customer information

What if you could know everything about your customer? What if you knew their average stay times, how close to their visit they usually book, and the specific activities they enjoy while staying at your hotel? These factors could be helpful in creating brand loyalty and in encouraging further visits, especially when you know they are visiting the local area anyway. Building loyalty with just 5% more customers would lead to an increased average profit between 25% and 100% per customer. Advanced concierge services and hotel management solutions can provide you with this helpful information.

Many hotel operators know next to nothing about their guests. They rely on outdated programs to manage employees and customers. These outdated programs can lose reservations and can contribute to disloyal guests. Updating your hotel management solution program can improve guest satisfaction, while also creating a loyalty to the hotel brand.

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