Five Common Website Mistakes

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If you’re marketing your company online, an effective website is the cornerstone of any advertising campaign. Because of this, most businesses hire website design and development companies to help them create a site that will draw web traffic and help convert users into paying customer. However, some companies choose to handle their website design and hosting by themselves, which often results in a visibly low-quality product. If your website has the five mistakes listed below, take it as a sign that you should seek out website design and development companies for online help immediately.

Style Over Substance
It’s natural to have a number of ideas about how your website should look. After all, because of the increasing prevalence of social media and online sales, your website is the first impression potential customers will get. However, a good-looking website your customer can’t figure out how to use is just as bad as an unattractive one, if not worse. Any website design and marketing agency worth their salt will know how to balance the aesthetics with navigability.

Overwhelming Information
It’s often tempting to lay out all of the benefits a potential customer could experience if they worked with your company. However, if there is too much text, most of your website’s visitors won’t pay attention past the first paragraph; blame the effect the internet has on our attention spans. Because of this, website design and development companies will usually recommend using bullet points, a careful use of blank space, and pared down paragraphs to help you keep your reader’s attention.

A Lack of Mobile Optimization
With the high number of web surfers who use tablets, smartphones and other devices, your website needs to work for all of them. A common way to achieve this is to use responsive web design, which automatically resizes the website based on the device being used to view it. If you check your website and find that it doesn’t look so great on a tablet or a smartphone, you should ask local website design agencies about their mobile optimization services as soon as possible to avoid losing potential customers.

No Contact Information
The number of companies who forget to include their contact information on a easily-accessible web page is astonishing; even more forget to update their information when it changes. However, you also can’t forget to include a spot where you can gather contact information from your viewers to use in email marketing campaigns and more. Without providing a way for you and the user to get in touch, how can you make a sale?

Creative Ways to Draw Customers
Whether you’re offering a great deal, great samples, or simply have great content, every website needs something that grabs a user’s attention and makes them consider hiring or buying from your company. If you’re coming up empty, hiring a creative advertising agency might be just what you need to start thinking of ways to promote your company online.

If you have noticed any of these common mistakes on your website, it’s likely time to seek out a website design company or online advertising agency who can help you market your company online. While they may seem fairly innocuous, the mistakes above fail to engage the viewer or account for the way the business world is changing. For this reason, you should begin researching website design and development companies in your area today. Read more.

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