Ethernet Crossover Cables vs Ethernet Cables

Both straight-through ethernet cables and crossover ethernet cables are used for the purpose of connecting two devices to each other. They have similar designs and functions, however they are not interchangeable and their wiring is not the same. Below we will take a look at what they do in more detail and how they differ from one another. We will also look at how to decide which kind of cable you need.

Ethernet Cables

A regular network ethernet cable is used for the purpose of connecting a computer to a network hub. Their most common use is for internet connections from a router to a computer. They allow for a hard wired connection that is faster and more stable than wifi. This comes in handy for things like gaming, streaming, and downloading and can make sharing bandwidth among computers easier.

Ethernet Crossover Cable

These cables allow for an ethernet connection between two computers or two routers. This helps you to share information between the two devices and share network connections. These cables will only work when used between two devices in the same category and are not able to be swapped out with regular ethernet cables.

Ethernet Crossover Cable vs Ethernet Cable

When it comes to the question of “ethernet crossover cable vs ethernet cable”, the answer is pretty straight forward. It’s easy to tell which kind of cable you need by asking yourself if the devices you are connecting are in the same or different categories. To connect devices from two different categories you need an ethernet cable, and two connect two of the same devices you need a crossover cable. However, most modern devices are able to correct the use of the wrong cable through a process called auto-mdix.

You can buy both types of cables from your local electronics store. Straight-through ethernet cables are going to be easier to come by, because they are more common and the auto-mdix process allows for them to be used in place of a crossover cable in some devices. However, crossovers are still sold and if you can’t find one in a local store you can always order one online.

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