Email Hosting VS Domain Registration

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If you’re looking into purchasing email hosting for your company, you’ll first need to understand that what you’re doing isn’t exactly the same as purchasing web hosting. Email hosting is a service wherein you’re paying to have all of your company’s email activity hosted on a particular set of servers. Web hosting is where you’re typically paying for bandwidth or for domain names that you want to use. If you’re setting up a website, you need website hosting. If you’re trying to create a work dedicated type of email account for your employees then what you need is email hosting.

Domain name registration is actually big business. Just look at how domain registration has expanded in the past: in 1985 there were six .com names registered. Then in 2005 there were 61.1 million. And in 2012 that number had grown further to over 102 million. This is why domain search has become a widespread activity in its own right: the search for URLs that haven’t already been taken by someone else.

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